Power Up Your Savings with Duracell Energy Battery Storage

Use Your Home As a Power Station

The Future is Green

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Power Up Your Savings with Duracell Energy Battery Storage

Take Control of Your Home Energy with Duracell Home EcoSystem – Expertly Installed by Solar Green Solutions!

Here’s what sets the Duracell Home EcoSystem apart:

  • Integrated Powerhouse: This comprehensive system seamlessly combines solar panels, a battery storage unit, an inverter, and an EV charger – all from Duracell, a brand you trust.

  • Smart Control at Your Fingertips: Monitor and optimize your energy usage in real-time with a convenient smartphone app. Maximize solar power generation, track your energy consumption, and even participate in time-of-use programs for potential savings and earnings.

  • Local Weather Savvy: The system utilizes local weather data to optimize solar panel performance, ensuring you get the most out of sunshine – even on cloudy days.

  • Scalable for Your Needs: Start with the core system and add components like additional batteries or solar panels as your energy needs evolve.

  • Peace of Mind, Guaranteed: Enjoy a 10-year warranty on the battery, solar compatibility for the EV charger, and UK-based support for both the inverter and charger.

Solar Green Solutions, a Duracell Energy Approved Installer, is here to help you create your perfect Duracell Home EcoSystem. Our experienced team will guide you through every step, from system design and installation to ongoing maintenance.

Embrace clean energy, reduce your environmental impact, and potentially achieve net-zero energy bills. Contact Solar Green Solutions today for a free consultation and unlock a brighter future for your home!

Duracell Dura-i Inverter: Power Up Your Home Efficiently & Flexibly

Harness sunshine for a smarter home! The Duracell Dura-i inverter seamlessly blends solar and grid power, maximizing energy savings and offering reliable backup during outages.

Here’s what sets Dura-i apart:

  • Effortless Efficiency: Convert solar power effectively and monitor usage through a real-time app.

  • Flexible & Scalable: Hybrid design connects up to 6 inverters and pairs with various battery types, including Dura5 for extended energy storage.

  • Peace of Mind Power: Enjoy a seamless backup solution, ensuring you’re never left in the dark.

Ready to join the solar revolution? Contact us for a free consultation and unlock a brighter energy future with the Duracell Dura-i Inverter!

Duracell Dura-i Inverter: Power Up Your Home Efficiently & Flexibly
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Duracell Dura 5+ 5.12kW: Indoor Powerhouse for Maximum Energy Freedom

Duracell Dura 5+ 5.12kW: Indoor Powerhouse for Maximum Energy Freedom

Unleash the power of sunshine – indoors! The Duracell Dura5 battery offers a cutting-edge solution for storing solar energy, maximizing your independence from the grid. Stackable or wall mountable.

Here’s why Dura 5+ is a top choice:

  • Scalable Power: Dura 5+ can grow with your needs! Add up to 32 units for a massive energy storage capacity, perfect for wall mounting or stacking.

  • Easy Installation: Enjoy a plug-and-play setup with all cables included.

  • Peace of Mind: Relax with a 10-year warranty and expert support from Duracell’s dedicated UK team.

  • Smart Savings: The Duracell Energy Smart App seamlessly integrates your solar, battery, and EV charger, automatically maximizing your savings with time-of-use tariffs.

Ready to unlock the power of solar energy? Contact us to learn more about the Duracell Dura 5+ and experience the freedom of a truly sustainable home.

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10 Year Product Warranty
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Duracell Energy Approved Intaller
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Duracell EV Charger: Power Your EV with Sunshine (or the grid)

Charge your electric car with the cleanest energy available, whether it’s solar, wind, or even your own home-generated power!

The DURACELL App goes beyond “green” by optimizing your EV charging:

  • Multiple Charging Modes: Always use the cleanest energy source, maximizing your environmental impact.

  • Smart Rerouting: Never waste excess solar power – we’ll direct it straight to your EV for ultimate efficiency.

No solar panels yet? No problem! Join the green revolution soon and future-proof your home with the DURACELL EV charger. It’s a smarter way to save money and the planet!

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Effortless Energy Management with the DURACELL Smart App

Effortless Energy Management with the DURACELL Smart App

Stop juggling your home energy! The DURACELL Smart App seamlessly manages your battery storage and EV charger, maximizing performance and savings.

No more guesswork:

  • The app predicts weather and adapts charging based on your needs and energy costs.

  • Say goodbye to manual adjustments and hello to effortless optimization.

Gain valuable insights:

  • Monitor battery health, track usage patterns, and identify areas for efficiency improvement.

  • Access everything through a user-friendly app or simply ask Alexa.

Embrace a smarter energy future with DURACELL!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Duracell Energy Solar Installation cost?

Prices start from £9500 for a system that includes a 4 kW solar array and a 5.12 kW battery. It’s important to note that this is a starting price, and the final cost may vary depending on varying factors like scaffolding needs and consumables.

Can I expand my Duracell solar storage capacity?

Absolutely! The Duracell Energy system is designed to be modular. You can add up to 36 batteries to your system, allowing you to increase your solar energy storage capacity as your needs evolve.

What are the benefits of a Duracell hybrid inverter?

Duracell hybrid inverters make you less reliant on the grid by storing solar power and offering backup during outages. Smart features help you optimise energy use, while seamless integration with solar panels and batteries creates a complete home energy solution.

Which Dura-i inverter model sizes are available?

Dura-i Inverters offer three power output options: 3.6kW, 4.6kW, and 6kW.

Is it possible to connect multiple Dura-i Inverters to handle larger energy needs?

Absolutely! Dura-i Inverters are designed for scalability. All models (PD-DH1P-3.6K-G1, PD-DH1P-4.6K-G1, and PD-DH1P-6K-G1) allow connection of up to 6 inverters in parallel. This lets you increase your total system output to meet your growing energy demands.

How efficient are battery inverters?

Modern battery inverters are highly efficient, typically exceeding 92%. This means they lose very little power during conversion. For example, to power a 250-watt appliance, you’d only need to draw slightly less than 270 watts from your batteries. In simpler terms, you get almost all the power you store in your batteries out!

Where’s the best place to put a Duracell Energy inverter?

Shade is key! Direct sunlight can shorten the lifespan of your inverter. Ideally, find a cool, shaded location in your garage.

Here’s another factor to consider: Minimising voltage drops. Your installer will also try to position the inverter close to your electrical meter. This reduces voltage loss and keeps your system efficient. However, if a shaded location is farther away, prioritise the shade to ensure optimal inverter life.

How much does an extra Duracell Energy battery cost?

Each additional Duracell Energy battery costs £1900. It’s important to remember that you can expand your system for increased storage capacity – Duracell allows you to connect up to 36 batteries in total!

Can the Duracell Energy System power my home during a power cut?

Yes, the Duracell Energy System can keep your home powered during outages, but with one additional component: a changeover switch. This switch acts as a safety measure, physically disconnecting your home from the grid when a power cut occurs. Once disconnected, the Duracell inverter’s built-in Emergency Power Supply (EPS) takes over, seamlessly powering your home using the stored solar energy in your battery.

There are two types of changeover switches available: manual and automatic. Manual switches require you to throw the switch yourself during a power cut, while automatic switches handle the process independently, offering a more convenient solution.