Europe’s electricity transition has hit hyperdive

Solar Panels installed in a field

Wind and solar overtake fossil generation in the EU at last!
New data from energy think tank Ember shows that wind and solar produced more EU electricity than fossil fuels in May, for the first full month on record. Almost a third of the EU’s electricity in May was generated from wind and solar 31%,, while fossil fuels generated a record low of 27%.
The new milestone was driven by solar growth, strong wind performance and low electricity demand. Solar generated a record 14% of EU electricity in May, hitting an all-time high of 27 TWh, which exceeds the monthly solar records set in July last year. For the first time, EU solar generation overtook coal generation, with coal generating just 10% of EU electricity in May.
The fossil collapse last month was not an exception. Renewable capacity additions, especially from solar, and falling electricity demand, have propelled wind and solar forward and caused fossil fuels to fall throughout late 2022 and into 2023. Historical marker.

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