The largest desert photovoltaic base in China has started construction

Solar Panels installed in a large field

China has embarked on the construction of its largest desert photovoltaic base, the Tengger Desert 3GW New Energy Base Photovoltaic Composite Project.
What sets it apart is that it will utilize the first ultra-high-voltage power transmission channel in China to develop and deliver energy from large desert photovoltaic bases. This project is considered a key supporting initiative for new energy development. Impressively, the total installed capacity of this project will be a staggering 3 million kilowatts. The first phase alone will see an investment of around 5.114 billion yuan for a 1 million-kilowatt photovoltaic project. Once completed, the Tengger Desert photovoltaic base is expected to generate approximately 5.78 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. This will not only contribute to the country’s energy needs but also bring in operating income of 1.5 billion yuan and create around 1,500 jobs. Moreover, the project will save an
estimated 1.92 million tons of standard coal each year.
The significance of this landmark solar PV installation cannot be overstated. It has garnered global attention and serves as a testament to China’s leadership in renewable energy. The success of the project in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region will undoubtedly accelerate the transformation of China’s energy structure. Furthermore, it will play a crucial role in promoting the global transition to clean energy.
As I read about the Tengger Desert 3GW P C Project, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of awe at the scale and ambition of this endeavour. China’s dedication to renewable energy is
evident in its commitment to constructing such an enormous photovoltaic base in the desert. This project not only showcases China’s technological prowess but also its determination to address the environmental challenges we face today.
The Tengger Desert project serves as a shining example of how renewable energy can be harnessed to meet the growing energy demands of a nation while minimizing environmental impact. It is an inspiring demonstration of what can be achieved when governments, industries, and communities come together with a shared vision for a sustainable future.

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